The OCBA- “Key Stakeholders”

After researching the main audiences who are highly interested in the Orange County Bar Association and what their services have to offer, I have identified two “key stakeholders” who can greatly benefit from the OCBA. The first target audience of the two is young, practicing attorneys/lawyers who are 1-3 years out of law school and need some guidance on how to begin their careers. These young adults are roughly going to be in their lower to upper twenties who come from higher income families with higher education experience. The reason they have higher income families is because they are able to attend graduate school (Law School), which costs a considerable amount of money. They are also able to seek a higher education because of their family history and values. These individuals usually take education very seriously and their parents have been involved in their lives making sure they’re on the right track. They also believe in the law and know the importance of how it can help our community, as long as they are practicing for the right reasons. A key message that is of relevance to my organization and this group of individuals is the importance of the OCBA New Lawyer Training Program. This program is a huge focus of my campaign goals and is one of the main reasons this target audience would be interested in becoming a member of the organization. This program helps new attorneys learn how to set up their own firm and get in touch with experienced judges and attorneys who can give them a lot of great pointers. This campaign goal will focus on being featured in the OCBA Briefs and in the email blasts sent to people in the surrounding areas. (The briefs in case you may not know what they are.)

The second target audience that I have identified with the Orange County Bar Association is lower income families, abused and neglected women and children, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities who may not be able to afford legal services. These audiences usually have lower education levels and have not attended college due to their unfortunate circumstances. Many times young children who have grown up in a bad home with unstable parents will not have a lot of trust in the law, this is because they cannot afford any legal representation in some cases. Education may not be highly valued because nobody is there to set an example for them or instill this belief in them at a young age, which is why the pattern to live in poverty continues. Another key message that is of relevance to my organization and this group of individuals is that the OCBA offers pro bono legal services to more than 17,000 people who fall into these categories. The non-profit Legal Aid Society of the OCBA is a very important community outreach service that goes above and beyond for the community to try and help those in need of representation. This legal aid is another focus of my campaign goals and I hope to spread further awareness that it exists so more in need community members can utilize it. A great way to inform the community is through various social media platforms that the OCBA is on, such as Twitter and Facebook. (