WordPress Analytics Report


I was really excited to start this blog because I love to write and I knew in the long run it would really help with my social media skills. Being an AD/PR major, I believe that it is crucial that I have a strong presence online. I would definitely say that my blog needs some improvement, but overall did good considering this was my first time writing a blog. I had 29 views in September making it my most successful month, but I would like to increase my views to at least fifty and have more followers who leave feedback on my posts. One measure I find very vital that would help with the improvement of my blog is the total reach. Reach is the size of the audience who reads my blog or views my page and I want to focus on the overall reach. I think the reach is very important because this is who is reading my blog and making it grow as a whole. These are the people I want to be communicating with and hearing their feedback because I want to grow my social media presence and I need a larger reach to do so. My goal is to increase my reach to 100 followers that way more people are reading it and I can have a greater impact on social media. One of my main goals for my blog is to increase how many users comment on them and leave some kind of feedback. I think this feedback is so important because without it I don’t know what I’m doing right or wrong. Another measure I find beneficial to the improvement of my blog is conversions. Conversions are a very important metric that can significantly help your online presence by getting a user to take a desired action on your social media pages. For example, when you post a picture on Facebook and one of your follower’s comments on it that is a conversion. These comments are highly valuable because isn’t the whole reason we post on social media in the first place to get a response or emotion out of our fellow online users? These conversions will help the success of my blog because I want to see more people start commenting on my posts that way I know what I can improve. Right now, barely anyone comments on my posts so it’s hard to know what I’m doing right or wrong. I chose reach and conversions because these two metrics go hand in hand with one another. If I have a larger audience that I’m writing too, more people will be likely to comment on them. The improved performance of my blog using these measures could definitely help me get that social media internship I have been looking for. If the employer looks me up online and see’s that I’m a great blogger with a strong audience, it could put me before that other person they are considering. Employers definitely like to see someone who has a strong social media presence who can be an asset to the brand.


The OCBA- “Key Stakeholders”

After researching the main audiences who are highly interested in the Orange County Bar Association and what their services have to offer, I have identified two “key stakeholders” who can greatly benefit from the OCBA. The first target audience of the two is young, practicing attorneys/lawyers who are 1-3 years out of law school and need some guidance on how to begin their careers. These young adults are roughly going to be in their lower to upper twenties who come from higher income families with higher education experience. The reason they have higher income families is because they are able to attend graduate school (Law School), which costs a considerable amount of money. They are also able to seek a higher education because of their family history and values. These individuals usually take education very seriously and their parents have been involved in their lives making sure they’re on the right track. They also believe in the law and know the importance of how it can help our community, as long as they are practicing for the right reasons. A key message that is of relevance to my organization and this group of individuals is the importance of the OCBA New Lawyer Training Program. This program is a huge focus of my campaign goals and is one of the main reasons this target audience would be interested in becoming a member of the organization. This program helps new attorneys learn how to set up their own firm and get in touch with experienced judges and attorneys who can give them a lot of great pointers. This campaign goal will focus on being featured in the OCBA Briefs and in the email blasts sent to people in the surrounding areas. http://orangecountybar.org/briefs_archives (The briefs in case you may not know what they are.)

The second target audience that I have identified with the Orange County Bar Association is lower income families, abused and neglected women and children, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities who may not be able to afford legal services. These audiences usually have lower education levels and have not attended college due to their unfortunate circumstances. Many times young children who have grown up in a bad home with unstable parents will not have a lot of trust in the law, this is because they cannot afford any legal representation in some cases. Education may not be highly valued because nobody is there to set an example for them or instill this belief in them at a young age, which is why the pattern to live in poverty continues. Another key message that is of relevance to my organization and this group of individuals is that the OCBA offers pro bono legal services to more than 17,000 people who fall into these categories. The non-profit Legal Aid Society of the OCBA is a very important community outreach service that goes above and beyond for the community to try and help those in need of representation. This legal aid is another focus of my campaign goals and I hope to spread further awareness that it exists so more in need community members can utilize it. A great way to inform the community is through various social media platforms that the OCBA is on, such as Twitter and Facebook. (https://twitter.com/OCBA_FL)

APPLE- Revolutionizing The Way We Watch TV

When Apple created their new product, the Apple TV, they had one goal in mind and that was to revolutionize the way we watch television. There are very many different apps out there that allow us to watch new movies and TV shows that aren’t on regular cable, such as Hulu, Netflix, HBO GO, and Showtime. While all of these are great apps to have, it would be much easier to take advantage of them if they were all in one platform so that’s just what Apple did. When Apple released their commercial about Apple TV, they did a great job of exaggerating the product’s ability to use multiple apps at once all from the comfort of your couch. Not only can you watch your favorite TV show on any of the popular apps Apple TV has to offer, but you can listen to music on YouTube with just the click of a button. Apple did a great job at fulfilling their goals with this campaign because today, over 20 million people have Apple TV’s installed in their home. Apple TV puts its competitors to shame, being twice as popular as Roku and almost 13 times more popular as Amazon Fire TV. http://www.cultofmac.com/391347/apple-tv-dominates-streaming-but-it-makes-people-sad/. If one thing is true, Apple TV has captivated the public with its ability to stream television but has it really taken over cable TV? While Apple’s commercial campaign about their new product did a great job of demonstrating its multiple uses and simplicity, was the campaign enough to persuade consumers to go out and buy the device versus just watching regular, recorded TV shows? Let’s face it; Apple products are not always cheap… Apple TV might seem like a great idea up until the fact that you have to go buy the little black box on top of paying for the app subscriptions that come with it. The device does make it a lot easier to access all of your favorite TV apps, but companies such as Hulu and Netflix still require you to pay for their subscription fees on top of paying for the box. These are just some of the different obstacles Apple faced when they created their campaign for their new product. Apple’s campaign for their new television box greatly relied on the use of YouTube to get their message across to viewers. (See blog post #1 to watch full commercial.) Utilizing the social media platform YouTube was a smart decision because over one billion people use YouTube everyday, making this a great site for Apple to advertise their product. https://www.youtube.com/yt/press/statistics.html. By posting their commercial to YouTube, viewers also have the ability to share it to other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This allows a whole new audience of viewers to come across the commercial because while many people do utilize YouTube, there are still some who do not. Not only does the campaign do a great job at utilizing social media sites, but Apple also incorporated the famous TV show “Game of Thrones” starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Game of Thrones is one of the most watched television shows out right now and by using one of the main actors to lead the Apple TV commercial; viewers are definitely more inclined to watch. Game of Thrones and all of the previous seasons can be watched through the familiar app HBO GO, which is also accessible through the little black box, otherwise known as Apple TV. See what they did there!

It’s safe to say that when it comes to Apple and their campaign efforts, I’m pretty sure they know what their doing.

Twitter: It’s What’s Happening.

What started out as a small micro-blogging social media platform has now turned into a popular, influential site that allows you to voice your opinion in 140 characters or less. According to Mark Johnson (2013), “Twitter is much more than just your friend telling you about their day. It has changed the media, politics and business” (p. 1). Many times people even hear about news first on twitter- anything from natural disasters to the death of a celebrity… Its no wonder twitter is changing the face of our social media today. Businesses especially use twitter to spread word about their brand, keep in touch with customers, and reach their target market (Johnson, 2013). Read more at http://socialnomics.net/2013/01/23/the-history-of-twitter/.

Two major audiences that use this social media platform today and have forever changed the face of twitter are politicians and celebrities. If it isn’t already clear, the widespread use of twitter by politicians has become a very common way to get a message across to the public. I mean come on, with the 2016 presidential election about to take place in November, you could log on to twitter right now and see the dozens of tweets sent out a day by nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Vann R. Newkirk II (2016) even states, “Fast-forward to 2016: Twitter’s early promise as a political tool has become ingrained as a political reality. A candidate without Twitter is a losing candidate.” http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/03/twitter-politics-last-decade/475131/. One great thing that twitter does is allowing the voice of the people to be heard again when talking about a political campaign.

Celebrities often use twitter to build their brand and further better their own image. By utilizing twitter and its 140 character count, public figures like celebs can reach out to their fans and fill them in on what’s going on in their life. Not only does twitter allow them to build emotional relationships with their followers, but staying relevant via social media is a constant struggle… In a blog titled “How Celebrities Use Twitter to Build Their Brands”, Kathryn Chin says “I hear show business is not easy and so it is important for celebs to maintain their spotlight and stay relevant with their fans.” Not only does twitter allow them to tweet what they’re doing, but posting about their latest fashion trends and famous selfies keeps fans interested. Justin Bieber, who currently has 46 million followers, makes it hard to keep up. http://ampagency.com/blog/how-celebrities-use-twitter-to-build-their-brands/.

A campaign that really stood out to me that used twitter effectively and creatively was the famous soda company Coca Cola. During a Copa America soccer game, fans were encouraged to tweet positive messages about the Argentinean team as they competed in a big game. As live tweets were sent out about the Argentinian players using the designated hashtag, tweets were printed out and launched into the crowd as confetti as the players walked out. Emma Hutchings (2012) writes, “A total of two million of these “papertweetos” filled the game with fan-generated encouragement for the team.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cw8ScVYQ0PQ. Coca Cola did a great way of utilizing twitter because they got the fans interacting with the players in a current setting. Instead of just having fans send live tweets, they also turned these tweets into live confetti and had it creatively shot out onto the field… And I mean come on, who doesn’t love confetti?


The Future of TV Is Here

One of the biggest brands that we associate with today’s technology is Apple. Every year they come out with new products that make a huge impact in our society and forever change the advances in our technological world. Recently, a new product has hit the market and has made a huge impact on how today’s society watches television. Apple TV is a small convenient black box that you can hook up to your TV and watch a variety of different streaming movie networks such as Netflix, HBO GO, Showtime, and Starz. Recently, Apple started a campaign for the Apple TV and released a commercial that caught everyone’s attention titled “The Kiss”. You can watch the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-F6tUN2j0Iw. In this creative, 60 second long commercial, famous actors Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Alison Brie are set to kiss on stage for a movie until Brie asks Apple TV for help. With the help of Siri, Alison is able to pull up an exact kiss from the famous show Game of Thrones starring Coster-Waldau. This commercial successfully demonstrates how with just the click of a button you can pull up any show or movie you want and even ask Siri to rewind or fast-forward for you. The goal of this commercial was to promote Apple TV and exaggerate the idea that by using this new device you can watch almost anything you want all from a little remote. You would never actually just stop in the middle of a kiss and ask your television for help on how to make it better (that would just be straight up awkward), but that was what made the commercial so comical and persuasive. Apple also incorporates current pop culture trends such as the song used by Jeremiah, “Oui” which was recently number 19 on the Billboard top 100 songs. Not only does this commercial insinuate that is relevant to today’s pop culture society, it also makes Apple seem more desirable showing that Apple products are up to date with current technology and progression. What else would we expect from a company like Apple though? Even though the commercial is over the top and dramatic, it caught the consumers’ eye and that’s what the content was meant to do. One critique even says, “What the Apple TV does deliver is the slickest, most attractive and user-friendly set-top experience we’ve ever seen, with a remote that makes browsing through menus a tactile pleasure.” Since I actually wasn’t sure how many people had seen Apple’s commercial for its TV, I asked a couple friends if they had ever heard of it. Almost all of them said yes due to the fact that a famous Game of Thrones actor starred in it and because of Jeremiah’s popular song that they reference too. Both of these minor details contribute to the content creation and what makes it a persuasive commercial that people will actually want to watch. At the end of the day, this is yet another successful campaign Apple has hosted.