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I was really excited to start this blog because I love to write and I knew in the long run it would really help with my social media skills. Being an AD/PR major, I believe that it is crucial that I have a strong presence online. I would definitely say that my blog needs some improvement, but overall did good considering this was my first time writing a blog. I had 29 views in September making it my most successful month, but I would like to increase my views to at least fifty and have more followers who leave feedback on my posts. One measure I find very vital that would help with the improvement of my blog is the total reach. Reach is the size of the audience who reads my blog or views my page and I want to focus on the overall reach. I think the reach is very important because this is who is reading my blog and making it grow as a whole. These are the people I want to be communicating with and hearing their feedback because I want to grow my social media presence and I need a larger reach to do so. My goal is to increase my reach to 100 followers that way more people are reading it and I can have a greater impact on social media. One of my main goals for my blog is to increase how many users comment on them and leave some kind of feedback. I think this feedback is so important because without it I don’t know what I’m doing right or wrong. Another measure I find beneficial to the improvement of my blog is conversions. Conversions are a very important metric that can significantly help your online presence by getting a user to take a desired action on your social media pages. For example, when you post a picture on Facebook and one of your follower’s comments on it that is a conversion. These comments are highly valuable because isn’t the whole reason we post on social media in the first place to get a response or emotion out of our fellow online users? These conversions will help the success of my blog because I want to see more people start commenting on my posts that way I know what I can improve. Right now, barely anyone comments on my posts so it’s hard to know what I’m doing right or wrong. I chose reach and conversions because these two metrics go hand in hand with one another. If I have a larger audience that I’m writing too, more people will be likely to comment on them. The improved performance of my blog using these measures could definitely help me get that social media internship I have been looking for. If the employer looks me up online and see’s that I’m a great blogger with a strong audience, it could put me before that other person they are considering. Employers definitely like to see someone who has a strong social media presence who can be an asset to the brand.


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