The Future of TV Is Here

One of the biggest brands that we associate with today’s technology is Apple. Every year they come out with new products that make a huge impact in our society and forever change the advances in our technological world. Recently, a new product has hit the market and has made a huge impact on how today’s society watches television. Apple TV is a small convenient black box that you can hook up to your TV and watch a variety of different streaming movie networks such as Netflix, HBO GO, Showtime, and Starz. Recently, Apple started a campaign for the Apple TV and released a commercial that caught everyone’s attention titled “The Kiss”. You can watch the video at In this creative, 60 second long commercial, famous actors Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Alison Brie are set to kiss on stage for a movie until Brie asks Apple TV for help. With the help of Siri, Alison is able to pull up an exact kiss from the famous show Game of Thrones starring Coster-Waldau. This commercial successfully demonstrates how with just the click of a button you can pull up any show or movie you want and even ask Siri to rewind or fast-forward for you. The goal of this commercial was to promote Apple TV and exaggerate the idea that by using this new device you can watch almost anything you want all from a little remote. You would never actually just stop in the middle of a kiss and ask your television for help on how to make it better (that would just be straight up awkward), but that was what made the commercial so comical and persuasive. Apple also incorporates current pop culture trends such as the song used by Jeremiah, “Oui” which was recently number 19 on the Billboard top 100 songs. Not only does this commercial insinuate that is relevant to today’s pop culture society, it also makes Apple seem more desirable showing that Apple products are up to date with current technology and progression. What else would we expect from a company like Apple though? Even though the commercial is over the top and dramatic, it caught the consumers’ eye and that’s what the content was meant to do. One critique even says, “What the Apple TV does deliver is the slickest, most attractive and user-friendly set-top experience we’ve ever seen, with a remote that makes browsing through menus a tactile pleasure.” Since I actually wasn’t sure how many people had seen Apple’s commercial for its TV, I asked a couple friends if they had ever heard of it. Almost all of them said yes due to the fact that a famous Game of Thrones actor starred in it and because of Jeremiah’s popular song that they reference too. Both of these minor details contribute to the content creation and what makes it a persuasive commercial that people will actually want to watch. At the end of the day, this is yet another successful campaign Apple has hosted.



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